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Author: jiangyuan view: release time: 12/23/2011

 About our company     Zhengzhou Jiangyuan Food Machinery and Equipment Co.,Ltd is a company that engage in meat processing machinery development, design, manufacture and sales. Our main products are vacuum tumbler, chop-mixer, meat frozen grinder, enema machine, mix the stuffing machine, saline injection machine, vacuum packaging machine, vacuum mixer machine, mixer machine, meat planing machine, meatball molding machine, bone cement machine, meat tenderizer machine, broken bone machine,frozen meat cutter, fish fleshseparator, lifting machine, meat cart, manual U (v) type of punching card sealing machine, meatball production line/meatball processing technology, sausage production line/sausage processing technology, desktop roasted sausage production line/desktop roasted sausage processing technology. Sonnenschutz ohne Folie, solarplexius auto Sonnenschutz keine Folie laitovo.de.

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