How to distinguish and buy large air stream puffing machine?

Author: jiangyuan view: release time: 02/17/2012

How to distinguish and buy large air stream puffing machine? продажа обзор turbodecoder.

1. Whether the manufacturer has the manufacturing conditions, manufacturing equipment and design and manufacturing ability, whether they have the ability to develop new products, whether the products inspection ( gas phase and liquid phase ) facilities are complete, whether they can provide the inspection report of the equipments and intelligence documents of manufacturer issued by relevant national departments? You must inspect this personality in the manufacturing company; it is the necessary procedure for you to handle a certificate.

2.  Whether the ear of the puffing tank is cast for forming in one time? The safety can not be guaranteed if it is not cast for one time, if it is made of iron sheet through welding, the safety can not be guaranteed at all. It can not be used for materials with large pressure such as puffing wheat.
3. The stock mitigation system of the puffing machine is crucial. Some manufacturers do not make the shock mitigation guiding system in order to do shoddy work and use inferior materials. This can not play the role of protecting the main machine, pressure gauge and other components. Some manufactures only spray common paint on the surface of the equipment and use the old materials such as old steel and electrical motor and so on.
4.  What will be the manufacture to take to guarantee the content of after-sale service and guarantee period? If the legal representative on the business license does not conform to the identification paper of the person in charge of the company, the registration area and the operation site do not confirm with each other, or the registration site is the private house, or the sample is only placed on the office place without the manufacturing workshop of the manufacturer, the product quality and after-sale service will be watered down.
5.  Whether the equipment are used or tried by the large scale production manufacturing factory? It is easy to sell one or two equipments. But the batch purchase of the equipment is the key to test the quality of the equipment. A lot of manufactures begin to imitate the equipments in recent years, and they do not have manufacturing experience at all. Since the success in the developing the large air stream puffing machine by our company in 2006, a lot of large food manufactures have purchased the equipments in batch and have been always using them.
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