The differences between frozen meat slicing machine and meat planing machine

Author: jiangyuan view: release time: 01/10/2012

    Frozen meat slicing machine, is a semi-automatic meat slicer, it can cut big frozen meat into any thickness of meat as you wish, it is easy to operate, and its productivity is 1.5T/h.

    Meat planing machine is a fully automatic cutting machine, it can cut big meat into expected thickness of the meat, its characteristic is that the meat come out from meat planing machine is not as regular as the meat come out of meat slicing machine, and the productivity of meat planing machine is 600-700KG/h.

    Frozen meat slicing machine is a new type equipment of cutting meat, it is developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Jiangyuan Machinery, and its advantage is that large output, low price.

    Meat planing machine is a classical model, although its price is a little higher than the price of frozen meat slicing machine, and its output is less than the slicing machine’s, because of its higher automation degree, still there are some customers would like to choose this one.
    Up to now, the larger production line would like to use the frozen meat cutting machine, its output can be up to 3T/h, and fully automatic operation, but some smaller factories that built up newly would like to choose frozen meat slicing machine.  
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