corn peeling can use diesel and motor as power, used to peeling the outskin of the corn. This Maize peeling /corn peeling machine can used to torn the skin of the corn ,fresh corn and dry corn ,easy to operate and has a large capacity.,is the ideal e

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1.MOQ: 1pcs 2. It has high output 3. It is made of stainless steel 4. High quality with competitive price The multi-function pasta machine can produce different shap of Snack food .and only one person can opeate easily . Multi-function pasta shells

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Detailed Product Description stainless steel donut making machine HYDM-6,can make three size donut . Model Capacity (Kg/h) Noise (DB) Fineness (Mesh)

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Product description This large style airflow puffing machine is suitable for corn, rice, millet, and such as grains, heating by gas. The popped grains by this machine can make the MiTong, rice cake, corn cakes. The machine is the largest capacity

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Foodstuff Grinder Machine, Foodstuff Grinder Machine supplier

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Grain Grinder machine, stainless steel grain Grinder machine JY820, multi-functions stainless steel grain Grinder machine JY820, Grain Grinder machine supplier

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