125 chop- mixer

Author: jiangyuan view: release time: 12/14/2011

125 chop- mixer

     This equipment widely uses in the meat, fish, fruit, vegetable, nut fruit smashing processing.   

 Energy-saving variable frequency chop-mixer.
1.It uses the high-quality frequency changer and the frequency conversion motor, the chopper speed can adjust during 300-3000 turn per minute , it is less noise , high efficiency and good quanlity.
2.The chopper is produced by special craft processing using the imported materials,the material for cutting pot is casting stainless steel , and it can against overflowing , prevent infiltrating and spilling over the material.
3.The cutting pot is double speed, it can cooperate with any speed of chopper, ,the cutting time is too short and the material rising temperature is very small.
4.It fits glassware,the discharing is convenient and clean.

5.The electrical accessories uses waterproof design, , the airproof is good

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