Dry type peanut peeling machine JYTP-1

Author: jiangyuan view: release time: 03/30/2012

Dry type peanut peeling machine JYTP-1

Peanut peeling machine, stainless steel, it is used to peel the red skin of the peanut.

This peanut peeler machine is the advanced technical equipment of peanut peeling machine, it has a compact design, proper structure, smoothy motion and low noise, when the peanut bean put into the hopper, it will be sent to the skin removing room, and then become to fully peanut with skin removing.

Main technical parameters of the peanut peeler machine

Model       Capacity              Motor ( KW )

JYTP-1      100-200kg/h         2.2KW

JYTP-2       200-300kg/h         4.2KW


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