GR-1000 Vacuum Tumbler

Author: jiangyuan view: release time: 12/13/2011

GR-1000 Vacuum Tumbler


Vacuum Tumbler adopts the principle of guide plate self-extrusion within the cylinder, when the cylinder rotates inside, Meat -oriented guides squeeze inside, cutting in pieces by the self- beating, squeezing each other, so that the flesh of protein broken down into water-soluble protein,, easily absorbed by human body, at the same time can make the add material (starch, etc.) and body protein fused to each other in order to achieve meat become tender, taste good, and high rate of finished products.
 Technical parameters

Best added material    kg
Rotor speed
Total power
Vacuum degree
Outer dimensions       mm
Total weight



About 1200

1. Make the salted liquid evenly absorbed in raw meat.
2. Enhance the blinding force of the meat; increase the flexibility of the meat.
3. Ensure the slices of meat, prevent cracks generated when slicing.
4. Increase the water retention properties, increase production rate
5, improve product tender sex and stable structure
6, with more fresh and tender, natural color beauty
The main purpose
It is necessary equipment that processes senior ham, sausage, chicken, cattle, sheep, pigs, donkeys, rabbit, dog meat products, and other meat food with simple structure, easily operation, high efficiency and wide application.

After-sales tracking

1. Free charge of installation guidance.
2. Lifetime of free guiding maintenance.
3. 24 hours service within Henan province.
4. Free charge of designing field, according to actual production machine to design the model and so on. Welcome to our factory to test.


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